Blog posts

Check out all the cool stuff that’s happening in Max-world. (If there’s not enough stuff yet or you don’t think this stuff is cool enough, please be patient while I continue to migrate the old site content over.)

A Work in Progress

I like to think of myself as a man who’s got his IT shit together, generally speaking, but the reality is that it’s not always true. For a time—I don’t know how long—this website was down. Sorry y’all! Being a new parent and entrepreneur at the same time is hard y’all. So I’ve been pretty busy, but over the past week I decided I really need to look legit again by having my website up and running. More →

I Made a Game!

Hey there, friends! I have some wild news: I wrote a mobile game. It’s called Poker Pick-Up™ and it’s a super fun puzzle game based on the game of Poker: you pick up cards from a big grid of them and get points for forming 5-card poker hands. I built the whole thing using React Native and, while it wasn’t my first rodeo with it, trying to build a game with React Native proved to be pretty challenging. More →

Yet Another Site Overhaul

So, once again, as part of my general effort to make my web presence less janky, I have started migrating my personal site, this one, to a different blogging technology. I had been using the old, venerable Jekyll for years and years, but many of my other sites are implemented using Hugo and Jekyll has become more and more unwieldy as it becomes more and more venerable. Stay tuned for more stuff happening on here, but lately all the really cool stuff is happening over at my company, Eighty-Eight Hustles, where I’ve started selling some of my new products like Canary and various fidget toys. More →