Yet Another Site Overhaul

So, once again, as part of my general effort to make my web presence less janky, I have started migrating my personal site, this one, to a different blogging technology. I had been using the old, venerable Jekyll for years and years, but many of my other sites are implemented using Hugo and Jekyll has become more and more unwieldy as it becomes more and more venerable.

Stay tuned for more stuff happening on here, but lately all the really cool stuff is happening over at my company, Eighty-Eight Hustles, where I’ve started selling some of my new products like Canary and various fidget toys. This site will still be here with articles from time to time about tech, culture, projects I’m working on, etc. Should be pretty fun!


While all that’s going on, I am going to be slowly migrating over all my old website/blog content here, but it’ll take me some time because there is a lot of it.

Back in the (freelance) saddle

Because childcare is a thing and is quite expensive, and I’m a new part-time stay-at-home dad, I’ve started looking for contract/freelance/agency work. If you or anyone you know requires the services of a polyglot software engineering badass, please let me know.


My fatherhood journey continues unabated. My son continues to be the most adorable little guy possible, and it brings me a tremendous amount of joy caring for him during the days I get to. Being an introvert who does his best work at nighttime, the lifestyle of a stay-at-home dad has been a great fit. No complaints.

Around the farm

After a very difficult year at the apiary, I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to harvest some honey from my single colony. These aren’t the bees that I started this year with, but a colony that was split from it early in the season and then became the sole survivor of the split (RIP Queen Frida 🪦). Despite their humble beginnings, these bees have really impressed me with their productivity, particularly of beeswax.

Once I have this harvest extracted, bottled, and labeled, I’ll surely be announcing that here and elsewhere.

#announcement #meta :: October 10, 2022